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FlasHOLR is a new, on-demand mobile app that connects people who need help to those who can provide it. Our FlasHOLR “Heroes” are drivers ready to move furniture and appliances, pickup and deliver goods, and tow vehicles. Do you have a car, van, or truck? Does the idea of earning money on your own, flexible schedule sound appealing?  We are looking for drivers to join our team of FlasHOLR Heroes. You will be an independent contractor helping people in your area. You can easily turn your availability on or off on the app to fit your schedule. 

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Signing up as a driver on FlasHOLR is easy. Download our app — available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store — and create an account. A code will be sent to the email address you provided, and once you verify your account you can get started on your profile.

Your profile is an important part of being a FlasHOLR Hero. Everything on your profile will be verified before you are eligible to start on service assignments. You will need to upload a profile picture of yourself so customers can recognize you on jobs. You will also need to provide a valid driver’s license and insurance policy. Now, when you think you are done, double check everything! You only get one chance to press “Update Profile” — no changes are allowed after that. If you need to make changes after submission, just email us at

When your profile has been submitted, FlasHOLR will send you an email with a link to background verification by an accredited background check company. We work with Accurate Now for that purpose. Follow those instructions to get your background check started. While it is pending, you will notice a red dot on your profile. That will disappear when you have passed the background check, and you will be ready to get assignments. The jobs available to you will depend on the type of vehicle and equipment you have.

There is a $40 fee for the background check that each Hero candidate needs to pay directly to background check company. We do not collect fee for background check.. Each Hero candidate will get the copy of report as well.

However, for a limited time only we are running a special promotion. The First 100 Heroes that pass their background checks will get a rebate for the fee. Email us at to get the rebate applied to Hero’s Stripe account. 

Now you are ready to go on the app and start earning money! Don’t forget to share FlasHOLR with friends — if they sign up to be FlasHOLR Heroes, you will get a referral bonus.