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Introducing flasHOLR, an new On-Demand
apps that offer you services for:

Moving Furniture/Appliances

When you need immediate yet affordable hauling for furniture or appliances that you purchase either from stores or second-hand market such as Craiglist, Facebook Market.

Point-to-Point Pickup Deliverys

Service to provide immediate pickup or delivery household or office items from/to any places, either your favorite restaurant, stores, or even grandma house.

Vehicle Towing

At middle of nowhere without road assistance. We can help you to tow your vehicle.

Platform that Connects Customers to
Service Providers

FlasHOLR is an all in one app that offers on-demand services for Moving Furniture, Vehicle Towing, and Point-to-Point Pickup Delivery. The app consists of two functional apps, flasHOLR Driver and flasHOLR Customer. FlasHOLR Driver is platform that enables anyone with a truck, van or car to make extra money in their spare time. Drivers can easily select their availability (on/off) by a single-click.
FlasHOLR Customer app enables customers to get available help around the corner, either to do a quick furniture move, or towing vehicle, instant point-to-point courier services. This smart app is embedded with Google Maps to get the shortest route between two locations and enables customers to track the driver and order status.

Amazing Features

Easy to Track:

Customer able to track driver real-time location, and order progress status. It equipped with Timer to track labor time.

Professional and Secure:

All flasHOLR Drivers will have passed background check, well-equipped and professional.

Flexible and Affordable:

Customer can request vehicle only, with or without labor. Service fee mainly based on mileages, vehicle size and labor (optional). Equipped with Ability to request immediate or scheduled services.

Broader Reach Out:

Point-to-Point pickup and delivery can reach out any places, anywhere no merchant registration necessary.

flasHOLR Showcase

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