How to Safely Move Large Items in Your Pickup Truck Bed

Moving Made Easy


Safety is the number one priority when it comes to moving and securing items in the bed of your pickup truck. Unsecured items can easily slide around inside the truck bed, leading to damaged items or even causing dangerous debris to collect on highways and local roadways. Even the heaviest of items should be locked down with straps because there is no guarantee that their weight is stable enough, especially when traveling on unleveled roads. 


It’s a good idea to protect furniture and delicate items with moving blankets that are padded before strapping them down. You can also substitute an old blanket, comforter, or towel for extra protection. To prevent straps from scratching or damaging the item, be sure to always add padded protection prior to tying down items. 


It’s important to remember to check the weather upon the day of your moving. Rain or snowy conditions can cause serious damage to items as they are exposed in the open bed. While it’s not necessary to cover items with tarps, it’s important to know that tarps can actually slip and blow backward when driving. They also do not provide protection from water accumulating in the truck bed, if it’s raining

Payload Capacity

Understanding your pickup truck’s payload capacity is knowing the amount of weight that can actually be carried both in the cabin and truck bed. Remember to include cargo and passengers in the total payload. Most furniture and household items won’t exceed the maximum payload of a standard pickup truck. To avoid damage to your vehicle and to ensure the safety of your passengers, never overload items. Keep in mind that heavier items like cement pieces, construction supplies, and other heavy equipment or machinery could potentially exceed the limit.  

Quality Gear

High quality ratchet straps are best for safely securing items in place. Larger items will require multiple ratchet straps. Be sure your straps are connected securely to the bullrings or tie-down anchors in your truck bed. A cargo net may be necessary to secure stacked items, moving boxes, firewood, or similar loose loads. Bungee cords stretch and are not considered a reliable method. These cords often allow the item to move and slide in a moving vehicle, causing damage to your load. 

Lastly, remember to tug on your straps before taking off on the road. Your cargo should not be able to slide or move around while the vehicle is in motion. Happy transporting!